ESDDI Flash w/ Wireless Trigger For Canon

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ESDDI Flash for most Canon cameras.

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Features of ESDDI PLF-650C flash speedlite:

Compatible with Most Canon SLR cameras(But cameras like the 2000D, 4000D,Rebel SL3, T6i ,T7 are not compatible.)


  • 1/8000 HSS: High speed synchronization
  • Pre-flash TTL: The flash control of the camera uses the brightness value of the subject when the pre-flash is reflected.
  • Provides wide-area AF-assist illuminator: Provides supplemental light to make it easier to focus on the subject in dark environments.
  • Creative Strobe mode: Capture the motion track of a dynamic object.
  • Front-curtain Sync, Rear-curtain Sync, Stable consistency and color temperature
  • Close-up potography
  • Flash output correction / exposure compensation
  • Custom settings
  • With auto wake / sleep feature
  • Overheating protection

2.4G Radio wireless trigger


  • Radio remote trigger transmission distance: 9-16 fts
  • Operating mode: automatic and manual (on the camera or manually)
  • Make shooting easier: Multiple flashes can be operated simultaneously, provide multi-directional optimal fill light.
  • More flexible light: You can decide where the shadows fall and create more depth of field.
  • 2.4G radio wireless trigger: Provide you with greater creative potential. You can position the flash light to completely control the light in your image.
  • HSS and TTL is not supported when using the trigger