In-House Digital Printing

We Make Your Images Into Beautiful Prints!


Our printer has over 20 years of experience printing photographs in the digital darkroom. We use only the finest, archival-quality products to finish your image. We can handle any file type or size and will plainly describe to you our process and what you can expect for the final image. We work with Hahnemühle, Moab, Canson, and Epson to create the best image possible.

Jason Robinson, our print technician, reviews a print for color-correctness and quality.

If you would like to discuss your printing project please call us at 802-652-2400, email us at [email protected], or stop into our shop at 180 Main Street right in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

For easy uploading of your digital files from your computer, tablet, or phone you can visit our site and the files get sent right to our print server! Below is a small sample of our sizes and pricing for custom printing.  This is non exhaustive and we can print in any size you need.  Please call for quotes.


4X6 FB Print $5.00   4X6 RC Print $0.39
5x7 FB Print $9.00   3.5x5 RC Print $0.50
8x8 FB Print $10.00   5x7 RC Print $3.00
8x10 FB Print $15.00   6x8 RC Print $5.00
8x12 FB Print $19.00   8x8 RC Print $6.00
10x10 FB Print $24.00   8x10  RC Print $12.00
9x12 FB Print $26.00   10x10 RC Print $13.00
10x12 FB Print $30.00   10x12 RC Print $14.00
12x12 FB Print $34.00   12x12 RC Print $15.00
11x14 FB Print $37.00   11x14 RC Print $16.00
13x19 FB Print $39.00   12x18 RC Print $20.00
14x14 FB Print $40.00   13x19  RC Print $22.00
12x18 FB Print $44.00   16x16 RC Print $25.00
16x16 FB Print $50.00   16x20 RC Print $27.00
18x24 FB Print $59.00   16x24 RC Print $35.00
16x20 FB Print $60.00   20x20 RC Print $36.00
16x24 FB Print $67.00   18x24 RC Print $39.00
20x20 FB Print $75.00   24x24 RC Print $50.00
20x24 FB Print $80.00   20x30 RC Print $60.00
20x30 FB Print $82.00   24x36 RC Print $70.00
24x36 FB Print $115.00   30x40 RC Print $105.00
30x30 FB Print $140.00      
30x40 FB Print $160.00      
36x54 FB Print $255.00      


Once you've printed your photos with LeZot Camera, you only have to take a couple steps within the store to get them framed at the framing counter!

At the Vermont Frame Game counter, you can meet with Courtney Mercier to discuss custom framing and view samples of different frames.