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The Olympus OM-10 was introduced in 1979 as the first camera in Olympus OM "two digit" series. It became one of the most popular Olympus models. As a basic consumer model it has only the Aperture-priority Automatic Exposure but still it is able to take advantage of the whole (almost) Olympus System accessories. The manual-exposure adapter for it was provided as an option. 

There is dial on this adapter, that makes it possible to set shutter speeds 1 sec. to 1/1000 sec. Without the manual adapter it only works in aperture priority mode. The maximum shutter speed is 1/1000th and the maximum film speed is ASA 1600 . OM-10 does not support TTL dedicated flash but it can work dedicated auto, with the light reading being done on the flash. As it´s "big brothers" the single number OM cameras it has proved to be a reliable instrument even in the hands of the serious amateur.


Film Format : 24mm x 36mm 
Type: :TTL auto-exposure 35mm SLR camera 
Lens mount : OLYMPUS OM Mount. About 50 different Zuiko interchangeable lenses. 
Shutter : Electronically controlled cloth focal plane shutter. Manual exposure: B, 1 - 1/1,000 sec. with adapter.
Synchronization : X type contact, hot shoe.
Automatic exposure control : Aperture preferred automatic exposure control electronic shutter type. TTL Direct Light Measuring System, center-weighted average light measurement. Measuring range: ASA 100 from F1.2, about 60 seconds to F16, 1/1,000 second.
Programmed Automatic Exposure : TTL direct, measuring range : approximate. -5 EV ~ 18 EV , 50mm F 1.4 
Manual exposure : With a Manual Adapter 
Self timer : 15sec. delay 
Metering system : Olympus direct metering in body. Full aperture center weighted metering. 
Measuring range : EV1.5 - EV17 (ASA 100 with F 1.2 standard lens). 
Film speed Setting : ASA 12 - 3200 

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