Film Processing






     We take great pride in our film processing services.  We understand film and the processing 

process and we take the handling of your film very seriously.  All color (c-41)

film is processed and inspected in house by our very own lab technicians.  All color negatives are scanned by

us and prints are made right here in Burlington.  At this time, our traditional black and white and

slide (e-6) films will be handled by our trusted friends off site.  If you are not in the Burlington

area, we invite you to give our services a try.  You can mail your film to our store:



49 Church Street Suite 2008

Burlington, VT 05401


     Please include your name, phone number, return address, and email so that we can contact you once 

your film has arrived.  We will call you to verbally confirm your development order.  If you have 

questions regarding our services please call 802-652-2400 between the hours of 10am and 6pm.


Color Film Developing | C41

35mm/120 Film Development only  $7.95
35mm 24/27 exp Single Prints $12.95
35mm 36 exp Single Prints $18.95
120 10-16 exp Single Prints $16.95

Black and White Film Developing

B&W 35mm/120 Develop Only $12.95
B&W 35mm 24 exp Single Prints $17.95
B&W 35mm 36 exp Single Prints $23.95
B&W 120 10-16 exp Single Prints $17.95

Slide Film Developing | E-6

E6 35mm 24 exp  $17.95
E6 35mm 36 exp $21.95
E6 120 (unmounted only) $19.95

Extras | Add-ons | Upgrades


TIF Scan Upgrade $5.00
Photo CD $5.00
Digital Contact Sheet 8x10" $10.00
Double Set of 4x6 Prints $5.00
Upgrade to 5x7" Prints (add on to 4x6" price) $5.00