Rollei Vario Chrome 35mm Slide Film

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Rollei Vario Chrome is a versatile medium to high-speed color reversal film that is intended for photography under low-level daylight illumination.

Also, it is DX-coded at 200/24° ISO, but it can be  exposed at effective speeds of 200/24° to 400/27° ISO without any adjustments in development.

It's image results are characterized by a fine-grained image structure and a good degree of sharpness in consideration of its sensitivity.

It's color reproduction is dependent on the daylight situation. It can vary from a warmish, vintage look to a neutral image tone.  Photographs taken in sunshine will show a warmer image look than photographs shot in semi-shade. Its color saturation can also be controlled by the film speed setting.

200 – 320 ISO: Lower saturation (preferable for scanning applications)
320 – 400 ISO: Higher saturation (preferable for slide projection)

This film is designed for E-6 Process.

Alternatively, you have the option to cross-process the film by C-41 Process. Please note that crossed processed photographs are often characterized by unnatural colors and high contrast. The results of cross processing differ from case to case, as the results are determined by many factors.

Quality results can be achieved if exposed at 200/24° ISO and push processed by +1 f-stop.

Store unexposed film at 13°C (55°F) or lower. | Process exposed film promptly.


  • Color Reversal Film
  • Film type: 35mm Film
  • ISO speed: 200-400
  • Weight: 0.03
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