Olympus OMG 35mm SLR

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From the professionals at Olympus comes the OM-G series of cameras, meant for the novice and entry-level photographer. This Olympus model is even advanced enough for the professional who expects high-grade results from this camera with the lens of their choice. The Olympus OMG 35mm SLR film camera is a vintage find that brings a traditional film camera style back into play. These Olympus cameras offer manual focus and exposure, giving you the ability to manipulate the settings just the way you want. The body of the Olympus OMG SLR is slim, lightweight, and solid feeling, making it the perfect option for shooting photos in a variety of locations with multiple lenses.


This Olympus camera will take any photography skill level, from newbie to professional, up a notch.This model is an Olympus OM-G camera body, the second generation of Olympus' OM cameras. Known as the OM-20 in markets outside of the United States, it has shutter speeds as fast as 1/1000 second and a self-timer. Also new to the OMG is a PC socket for flash synchronization, a tripod socket, and connections on the bottom for a power film winder that will let you shoot at a speed of five frames per second. This is quick enough to have excellent action shots.On the top of the Olympus, you will find the film advance lever, a shutter-release button, and a dial to set the ASA, with ranges between ASA 25 and ASA 1600. The advance lever has a short range of motion, making it easy for you to move through the frames for fast shooting. You can use the ring that sits around the ASA dial to adjust exposure compensation, which you can change in one-third increments from -2 to +2. Pulling back the lever sets the self-timer. Once you pull the lever, you will hear beeping and the shutter will fire in approximately 15 seconds.


The ring around the rewind knob is a power/mode switch and moves through five positions. Rotate it for battery check, Auto, Off, Manual, and B. Auto will put the camera into auto-exposure aperture-priority. Off mode turns only the meter off and leaves the shutter to fire using the camera's auto-exposure reading. Manual turns the meter off, while the B indicator is for bulb mode. This mode will override the shutter speed ring setting.The large, bright viewfinder displays information on the mode setting. It also has an overexposure warning, a nice assist to make sure you get a properly exposed photo.


Another useful feature is a place on the bottom for a grip, which you can attach if you need help with holding the camera steady. You will find no shortage of lenses for this camera because any lens that works with any OM series camera will also work with the OM-G. As a bonus, this Olympus uses ubiquitous SR44 1.5v button batteries. Besides powering the meter, shutter release and other features on the camera, the battery power is what moves the lens mirror out of the way when using the Olympus SLR OMG.It measures 10.2 x 7.3 x 5.8 inches, leaving you plenty of room to carry it around in your gear bag with your lenses and other accessories.

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