Fisheye Lens Adapter 58mm for Canon Kit Lens

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25X 58mm WA Lens Adapter

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This creative auxiliary lens gives the photographer new inventive and artistic opportunities with each shoot. Designed for HD DSLR’s, it can be used with any standard lens that accepts screw in filters. This 0.25X lens turns a standard 18mm wide angle lens into a fish eye lens with a 180° angle of view. Additionally, there is a detachable macro lens for great close up close as a 1 inch wide image area, perfect for coins, stamps, flowers, etc. Fully compatible with your DSLR’s auto focus and auto exposure systems.

Fits onto the standard lens of your DSLR camera via 58mm threads. To fit onto other lenses/filter sizes, an optional stepping ring is available.

Complete with protective pouch.
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