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The Canon Sure Shot WP-1 (also sold as the Sure Shot A-1 in North America, the Autoboy D5 in Japan, and the Prima AS-1 in Europe) is a fully automatic waterproof 35mm compact meant to compete with the likes of the Nikon L35 AWAF, Minolta Weathermatic, and Konica Mermaid. At the time of its release, the WP-1 was the lightest and smallest underwater camera in the world.

Being a waterproof camera, the WP-1 has a viewfinder calibrated to be usable at various distances in order to compensate for snorkel masks and goggles. It also features an enclosed lens and rubber gaskets for the battery and film compartment. In the interest of easy underwater use, the fully automatic WP-1 has a minimal number of controls with only a red shutter button and adjacent self-timer button opposite the frame counter on the top plate and a dial underneath the flash and next to the lens on the front plate that controls the flash and engages macro mode for the 32mm f/3.5 lens.

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