Berg RC Sepia Toner

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Berg ColorTone, Color Tone, RC Sepia Toner for Black & White Prints, Makes 1 Quart, #BCTST32 #BCTST 32 #BCT ST 32 Berg Bct-st32 Rc Sepia Toner, Black / White Prints Berg RAPID RC SEPIA Toning Solution is an odorless toner, useful for restoration work, flesh tones in portrait and hand coloring studies, and wherever a warm brown tone is appropriate. Toning is accomplished within about 5 minutes depending on the material.The first step in the two-bath process is treatment in the bleach bath. The bleach bath, unlike other sepia toners, contains no ferricyanide. After a brief wash, the image is rapidly toned in the toning bath. Then just wash and dry. Berg RAPID RC SEPIA Toning Solution will tone all silver-based black and white paper and films and works especially well on all resin-coated papers. The toned image is permanent; however, the toned image may be easily reversed to the original black and white. Partial reversal leads to unusual creative results, as does multiple toning with other Berg toning products.

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